Ice Apple

Ice Apple

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Specifications Of Ice Apple

Fruit Name Ice Apple
Scientific Name Borassus flabellifer
Shape Ovoid, cylindrical or conical
Color Green, turning yellow when ripe
Taste Sweet, tender and juicy
Nutritional Value Rich in vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes

About Ice Apple :

Ice apple, also known as Nungu or Taal, is a tropical fruit that is found in parts of Asia and Africa. It has a translucent, jelly-like flesh and is high in water content, making it a refreshing summer fruit.

Seasoned ice apple typically refers to ice apple that has been flavored with spices, salt, or sugar. It is often sold by street vendors in Southeast Asia, who season the fruit with a variety of ingredients to enhance its flavor.

Ice apple is low in calories and high in nutrients, including vitamins A, B, and C, potassium, and calcium. It is also rich in antioxidants and has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.

In traditional medicine, ice apple is believed to have a range of health benefits. It is commonly used to cool the body, relieve fever, and improve digestion. It may also help boost the immune system and prevent certain types of cancer.

To prepare seasoned ice apple, the fruit is typically soaked in water to remove any impurities and then seasoned with a variety of ingredients, such as salt, sugar, chili powder, or cumin. It is often served as a snack or dessert, and is a popular street food in many parts of Asia.

In summary, seasoned ice apple is a refreshing and nutritious fruit that is often seasoned with spices, salt, or sugar. It is low in calories and high in nutrients, and may offer a range of health benefits..

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